Properties for Sale and Rent in Nuremberg

Estate agencies in Nuremberg are offering a great variety of properties in the city.

A real estate agent (Immobilienmakler) can assist you in finding a place to live. Agents usually charge fees of 2-3 months' rent. It is important to understand the agent's conditions before signing a contract. It is common practice for a contract to be drawn up between client and agent authorising the latter to collect this amount if housing is found through his/her help.

Standard German tenancy contracts or what I call ‘German-style’ renting dominates the market. This usually involves installing your own kitchen and always requires providing your own furnishings right down to curtains and light fittings. As well landlords often want to check your local references and income sources before handing over keys.

Like all across Germany at present property prices are inching up. Financing remains cheap and Germans, ever cognizant of hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic years, increasingly want to put their savings “into bricks”.